My class often choose to play with the wooden blocks and the number of different ways they come up with to use them never ceases to amaze me. Last week, I simply offered them on top of one of our tuff spots and placed a single triangular brick in the middle as an invitation to continue. After nearly 2 hours of play (returning to it after short breaks each time), a group of 4/5 children had created an amazing circular city of symmetry. They worked together to ensure they didn’t leave any bits out of their pattern and it was a pleasure to listen to their conversations as they worked - I love this time of year when the children are able to put all their creativity, sharing and team working skills together to create something fabulous. Sadly I didn’t get a photo of the completely finished build but the process was the most important part and I was lucky to watch it from start to finish :-)

We have had the Ipad blocks for about a year now (the free packaging that sandwiches each IPad when it is bought) and they are still as popular now as they were when we first introduced them. And with relatively few casualties despite them being trodden on from time to time! We have had them out every day this week and what I love is that the play and constructions change each time they are out :-)

On the first day the dinosaurs were in a multi-storey car park…in the next session they were at a theme park and mixed the long wooden blocks in with them to make slides. There has also been a castle this week and a mountain leading up to a volcano… Fab imaginative play for next to no money (well aside from someone having bought the IPads of course, but you get what I mean!!!)

I love the precision with which the blocks have been aligned in the top picture and the dinosaurs peeking out in between in the second!

Construction using natural and recycled materials…

Everybody likes to build, me included. It is even more appealing when using natural and recycled materials as the choices are open for you to make yourself - combining sets of different materials, building a tower, a 3D picture, simply building a pattern or creating worlds for animals and imaginary creatures.